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External advisor: asset or outlay?

Putting businesses in the safest of hands, external advisors are called upon to aid growth, safeguard projects, and lead a new era of innovation.

United by their problem-solving capabilities and rich expertise, bringing an expert pair of eyes on board will deliver immeasurable benefits, viewing your company through a wide-scope lens. But as cost savings loom and competition rises, what do external advisors really offer?



Taking a birds-eye-view look at companies, from their goals to their strategies, external advisors are renowned for bringing fresh, innovative perspectives to startups. Detached from previous working methods and office politics, business owners can expect to be presented with out-of-the-box solutions, free of emotional attachments and tired solutions. Delivering a creative flair, a results-oriented approach, and a strategic mind to projects, external advisors are often the driving force behind light-bulb moments.


Ultimately, external advisors are called upon for their unmatched expertise. Whether business owners are seeking a specialist to nurture their project, the peace of mind that they’re adhering to relevant regulations, or a creative mind to deliver new insights to their team, advisors bring a level of proficiency that no recruitment drive will garner. With extensive experience overcoming obstacles, collating insights, and driving powerful results, external advisors offer a deep awareness of industry-leading techniques, innovative technologies, and next-generation strategies.


External advisors are an investment. Bringing innovative insights, deep expertise, and vast experience to your firm, startups can benefit from immediate support, without the commitment of a full-time employee. With a range of options available, from one-time consultations to long-term partnerships, business owners can take time to identify the advisor that best suits their needs, avoiding time-consuming recruitment processes, rising wages, and costly training programs for existing teams.


Cutting through the noise, a good external advisor will be able to transform business operations; identifying weak spots, leading difficult decision-making, and taking to projects with a full-picture approach, without being distracted by small-scale moving parts, personal relationships, or emotional ties. Focused on a client’s end goals, external advisors bring a degree of level-headedness to teams, setting the tone for high-performance outcomes, where logical decisions are paramount.


Unlocking expansive networks, external advisors are regarded as the key to scalability. With extensive industry connections – often spanning various industries – business owners can benefit from a selection of highly valuable contacts, whether they’re seeking expert-led guidance, a new manufacturer, or support expanding into new regions. With an international reach, external advisors will be able to help navigate a fast-track route to growth beyond borders, tapping into new markets.