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Building a board: is it worth it?

As responsibilities amplify, teams expand, and challenges loom, many startups approach crossroads; what should the next step entail? Do we really need a board of directors? How will they help us?

Bringing a selection of specialists to your business, your board will play a pivotal role in the growth of your company, supporting your move into new markets, maintaining compliance, navigating transitions, honing strategies, and aiding business performance. It’s never too early to get started.


Boards are built to go far beyond due diligence and financial management. Bringing methodical thinkers together, board members will cultivate, develop, and oversee strategies, nurturing project success. Leaving the day-to-day responsibilities to your team, boards focus their attention on their delegated responsibilities, slotting directly into your operations.


Ultimately, board members have been there. With extensive experience across a broad range of companies, businesses will benefit from the rich lived experience board members bring, from the marketing campaigns that don’t quite hit the mark to the subtle changes that make all the difference. Whether startups require a decisive board to aid their decision-making processes or enhanced credibility to reel in stakeholders, boards offer a level of expertise not found elsewhere.


As business owners dedicate their time to controlling their moving parts, it can be easy to lag behind the curve, creating ample opportunity for innovative strategies, tomorrow’s technologies, and growth opportunities to pass them by. Calling upon a board of knowledge-hungry minds, startups will have access to individuals immersed in continued development.


Focused on long-term success, board members are tasked with overseeing a company’s performance. From introducing frameworks, strategies, and goal-planning, to providing startups with a wide-reaching network of connections, business owners will have invaluable resources to build upon. Invested in the company’s success, board members are often regarded as superior alternatives to startup coaches, nurturing sustainable success as opposed to quick-fire results.


Just one compliance lapse costs businesses an average of $4 million in revenue. Bringing a selection of specialists to a board offers a safety net against compliance breaches, with a deep awareness of common challenges, obstacles, and risks. With their finger on the pulse, business owners can expect their board members to have an intricate awareness of ever-evolving regulations, from legal requirements to accounting constraints.