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We’re anything but ordinary. As a partner with equity shares, we’re placing unparalleled experience, knowledge, and expertise at your fingertips. Putting your startup success at the centre of our partnership, we pride ourselves on our long-lasting business relationships, weaving our core values through our every interaction; centred on integrity, driven by innovation, and committed to sustainability, having fostered a company culture of knowledge-sharing.

Located in the heart of Zürich, Switzerland, we partner with English, German, and French-speaking startups, bringing our flair for marketing, commitment to high-quality products, and efficient processes to their operations. Familiar with inter-cultural nuances, our services are as bespoke as you, equipping you with industry-specific insights and tailored solutions, giving you the tools to overcome unique challenges.

Viewing ourselves as an extension of your team, our underpinning goal is to slot seamlessly into your business operations. As advocates for your best interests, we’ll look at your business through a panoramic lens, identifying growth opportunities, nurturing your evolution, and adapting to your environment. No micro-managing. No changing your company’s DNA. Just lucrative collaborations, cultivating long-term results.

Built upon a foundation of innovation, we are the driving force behind a new age of next-generation solutions. Often described as visionaries, innovators, and creatives, to us, it’s just another day pioneering out-of-the-box solutions. Leading with a curious mind, pragmatic approach, and a balance between off-the-wall visions and tried-and-tested methods, we are bringing unparalleled business experience to startups across the globe.

Positioned at the forefront of the e-learning, ESG, clean technologies, and financial markets, our hand-vetted team of specialists will bring rich insights, deep knowledge, and multidisciplinary experience to your toolkit. With a flair for lasting business relationships, we’re continually seeking startups with a like-minded set of values, a meaningful product, and a personality that fits ours like a jigsaw piece. We’re more than startup coaches. We’re the future of high-performance businesses.