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The Challenges of startup growth

You’ve got the big idea. You’ve honed the business plan. Now, it’s time to build a hypergrowth company.

But with 90% of startups failing, the unique challenges that surface during the building and growth phase cannot be undermined. At a time when huge success and vast stresses walk hand-in-hand, it’s crucial not to overlook the nitty-gritty.


With 81% of consumers reporting that trust is a deciding factor when making a purchase, it is crucial to position your startup as an industry authority. As a new face on the circuit, lacking word-of-mouth recommendations and a recognisable brand identity, startups face an uphill battle in capturing consumer trust. On average, consumers will have seven interactions with a brand before they make a purchase, making transparency, quality, and value key to rapid growth.


Without cash reserves to fall back on, a lack of financial management is undoubtedly a key contributor to startup downfalls. From nurturing your financial health to knowing which lenders you can turn to, as well as watching your cash flow with an eagle eye, responsible financial management is a key player in overcoming growth stalls, driving profits, and catapulting sustainable growth. With 82% of failing businesses attributing cash flow problems to their demise, this stage is critical.


It goes far beyond identifying a gap in the market. To ensure that your goals are viable, it is vital to identify market needs, demand, and financial feasibility, before cultivating a water-tight business plan. From there, delving deeper into your organisational structure, potential suppliers, and customer acquisition processes will help you overcome common building stage complications.


Only 14% of CEOs have the leadership talent that they need. A crucial cog in the growth wheel, building a sturdy company from the top-down offers a seamless route towards a successful business phase. Rearing powerful teams, nurturing business goals, and moving your company towards its next phase, the importance of hand-vetting your leadership candidates cannot be understated. If you lack recruitment experience, quality recruitment agencies can bring strong talent pools to you.


While entrepreneurs are almost universally united by their flair for solutions, drive to succeed, and knack for big ideas, startups will undoubtedly encounter teething issues during the building phase. From a lack of compliance leading to heavy fines and a misunderstanding of the market to a series of mistakes that disrupt your goals, it is crucial to call upon the relevant specialists to bridge your knowledge gaps.